Restored Sanity: Allene’s Story

If not for help from my sons therapist and the readings he had recommended, I don’t know what would have happened to my sanity.   I had no idea how to deal with a child who seemed to willfully ignore me, seemingly pretend to be unable to figure out the simplest tasks, and had no clue how to complete a task that I’d walked him through at least a hundred times.

I have come to understand better that some of my son’s challenges are “normal” for children with ADHD.  With the help of my son’s therapist and books that I have read on ADHD, I’ve been able to understand that my son needs me to stop expecting him to be like every other kid, and help him be successful as the person he is.  It was me who needed to understand so that I could help him – not to keep trying to do the same thing with the same kid and expect different results.

There is so much more I could write about on my son with ADD, but what I’ve learned still gives me cause to pause.


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